View Full Version : Alpine CDE 9852

03-19-2008, 06:15 PM
Alright, So...
Im so confused, I bought this unit about 2 years ago. It's been good up until recently, I upgraded amps from a small mono alpine pushing about 400w to a 1,400w AMP. (unforunetly I cannot remember the brand, if that is imperitive ill go look when you respond) At any rate-- This amp is being used to power two 1,000w (10") Kenwood Amps.
I can't remember if the head unit was performing the soon to be mentioned problem before or after I replaced the fuse I blew that connects to the battery or not.. BUT..

My headunit was randomly shutting down on the songs with a real lot of base. Then I would turn it down and it would be pretty normal again. Then a couple of days ago, this unit started randomly turning on and off and on and off, while it was paused! Now it doesn't even matter, completely random- Bumping, Backround music or paused and it randomly restarts, sometimes over and over.

so I attempted to read up on it, ask around, and my next step [if this doesn't help] is going to be to go to the crappy audio store.