View Full Version : 15" L7 Vented Box design? Need Help

03-18-2008, 11:27 PM
I would like it to have it about 39" wide. That way it fits nice and snug in there. I only want it to about 17.5". I fugured that this way there is enough space around the speaker and such. I was figuring about 3cu. ft. but then the depth will be really skinny. :( About 7.5" to be exact. But if I up the cubic feet to 4ft then the depth goes to 10.13". I have been messing around with WinISD but can't really figure it out. I was wondering you guys could please help me out here. It doesn't have to be built to my size but the width is really what I would prefer. I have a zx750.1 amp. Does a bigger ported box make them sound better. Makes them hit the lows even harder correct?

I really want it to look like this.

If any body can use that WinISD very well can u design me a box. I want a port the same side as the speaker. I really want a rectangle port. about the same size as the sub if not taller. [] kinda like that. I plan on flush mounting the sub to. I also want the flush mount front peice of wood to be recessed about 1/2" to. Like the kicker made boxes. I think that makes them look wicked! especially when that panel is black and the sides are grey.

Wow! I think that this should be enough info for someone. lol

03-18-2008, 11:30 PM
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