View Full Version : cadence comps or pioneer coax?

03-18-2008, 02:11 AM
Hello everyone!
Been lurken a while and doin research for my set-up.
So far Ive got an Eclipse cd3200, Alpine m250 amp, Alpine S 6.5's coax's.
I am goin for low budget, low power, and easy install.
I will be runnin the alpine coax's off the hu in the rear.
Plan on gettin a RE*8 sub in a homemade sealed box which will be powered by bridging 2 channels for 100w RMS.
Now for my question, Should I get a set of cadence cwm-6kit comps or a set of Pioneer rev coax's for the front stage?
The amp will only be sending 40w RMS to the fronts passively and the comp tweets would be located in the sail panels.
Do you think the comp's will sound noticeably better than the coax's?:confused:

03-18-2008, 05:29 AM
Most definitely. Comps are are always going to sound better than coax's when installed right. Well, at least any decent set of comps that is. Instead of going with the Cadence comps, I'd suggest the Phoenix Gold RSD's. I just installed a set and now I'm a beleiver. :D