View Full Version : Almost Done!!

03-17-2008, 11:34 AM
Alrite, so i've been putting this together for a WHILE now and i've finally almost got EVERYTHING i need to get it installed. Im in need of speakers for rear fill. At first i was planning to do no rear fill at all but reality is i always have people sitting in the back, so its needed. I'd like to run them straight off the HU rather than off an amp. Heres what im working with so far...

Eclipse AVN-5510 HU
Eclipse iPC-106 ipod adapter
Rainbow Germaniums comps. up front
JL 350/2 amp for the Germs.
Fi Q12 in a ported box
JL 1000/1 for the sub
2 x panasonic 7' headrest monitors
RAAMATT sound deadening
Kinetik HC-1400 in the back

Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!