View Full Version : tranny help

03-16-2008, 01:22 PM
i wanted to know if some one can help? ok i have a 1999 ford escort with 91,000 miles. i bought this car from a used dealer ship. i took it back to the guy with a tranny prob. he had me bring it to this guys tranny shop (his friend). my warranty is up now. so the tranny shop like just kinda fixed the car (i had to go back 3 times). when im driving right about 35 mph the car shifts and it can be a hard shift. the car jerks. and when i come to a full stop the car makes a click noise from under the hood, and studers then comes to a stop. it does this as i slow down. and makes that click sound and studers at around 10 mph then i fully stop. and when im accelarting the car howls. it does the same as i come to a stop or let the car cruse. what should i do?