View Full Version : what kind of box for a audiobahn sub

04-30-2003, 11:39 PM
i gettin a 12" audiobahn alum and im want to get started on a box. should i be build sealed or a ported box and how big. i want godd spl but also want it to sound good for daily drivin. i think i can fit like a 6 or 7 cube box. i will be powering it w/ a profile ca1200. any help will be appreciated


05-01-2003, 01:30 AM
want me to build the box for you? LOL. i would go ported.

05-01-2003, 01:46 AM
Originally posted by Jmac
There's only one box that Audiobahns belong in ... and that's in it's original box being sent back for something else ;)

LOL! thats goin in the sig...

05-01-2003, 03:13 AM
u only missed the its in the "sent back in it's original..."