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05-01-2003, 12:34 AM
Hey everyone,

I just got a great deal on an 02' Audiobahn 1008Q

The setup I was running before was a Kicker active crossover into a Crunch Ds-4002 into a Pioneer TS-W304DVC 12" in a Q-Logic sealed enclosure 1.25cuft. This is in the trunk of an olds alero.

I built a box for the 1008Q based on the specs in their PDF's.
It a Ported enclosure 1.9cuft with a 4" port that is 11.5 inches long.

I'm running the voice coils in a series for 4ohm operation to maximize the output of my amp.

I finding that I have to increase my gain and the level of my th ebass eq on my amp to achieve a desireable bass level. And it is really crappy at reproducing kick drum/bass guitar in your average hard rock/metal songs. (Korn etc....) The extreme low end is fairly loud but I really feel like I have given up a lot of sound quality compared to the pioneer.

I tried plugging the numbers for the 1008Q into WinISD and it's tellijng me that a ported enclosure should be roughly .5cuft with a 4" port that's over 50" long!!!!

I have to be doing something wrong here.

If someone could give me some suggestions on how to build a better more accurate/correct box for this sub that would be sweet!!



05-07-2003, 12:25 AM
I created a test cd consisting of sine waves from 100Hz down to 20Hz all at the same level (-6dB)

When I played it back in the car the segment at 50 and 40Hz play back at 10-15dB louder than the other segments.

I want to build a box with a flatter response curve.

Can anyone help me?



05-07-2003, 01:02 PM
If you want a flatter response on your bass then try tuning it lower by extending the port. Try a slot port thats around 2inches wide and about the height of the box and if the port length exceeds the depth of your box then bend the port around. Audiobahns arent really mean for SQ but if you want more then tune it lower around 30Hz I would say I think that right now its tuned fairly high. Audiobahns are awesome for Rap applications but in my opinion I would have gone with something like a Type R for rock and kicks.

05-09-2003, 10:26 AM
I have two audiobahn 1005Q's and have them tuned to 30 hz. I have a large collection of bass mekanik cd's and he has alot of helpful tools that can help you test your system. Power Tools, Sonic Overload ( the best one for the job ), and PowerBox are all cd's that can help you ALOT. But be warned he has tunes that go down to 1hz if you don't know what your doin ( but you sound like you do ) you can really mess up your speakers. From what ive notices to get a flatter response you have to decrease the volume of the enclosure. I also stuck the reccommended enclosure sizes into winISD Pro and a few other programs and was not pleased with the simulated results. I personally go with slotted ports eisier for me to build.. most of the time.

05-09-2003, 07:13 PM
Venom and Bigred - Thanks for the info.

I've checked the results for WinISD pro out with the calculators on carstereo.com and both spit out the same numbers for volume for a ported enclosure.


They differ on the port size to tune it to 30Hz

WinISD says a port size of 1.85"x1.85" 17.99" long

While carstereo.com says a 1"x1" port should be 4.9 inches long.

Is it going to be a problem to have a port this small?

It's looking like my best bet is to put my old sub and box back in my trunk.

05-10-2003, 11:01 AM
personally i would never use a 1x1 port but that's just me but if you plot it out on WinISD pro and you like what u see then go for it. For my subs i went with a 1.7"x8.5"x38.6"... but makes it that nearly half the box is the port. With my experiences with the boxes ive made the ones with the smaller ports have been alot less forgiving. Now don't get me wrong it should work fine if your plots came out satisfactory.