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03-16-2008, 01:34 AM
hi all, this is a little long forgive me, but i'm trying to be as descriptive as possible.

needing good design/help along the build. well i just got a 97 towncar the other day, and don't want to hesitate on gettin my sounds in it. i got 2 cerwin vega 12d4 vega series subs, the ones that got the v-flex or "accordian" surrounds. now if i was building a reg. box to just throw in the trunk this would be simple but what i want to do is a lil more complicated.

the thiele-small parameters for the subs are as follows:

sensitivity:94 db's

400 watts rms-800 max
(they'll handle much more)

fs: 21 hz

qts: .27

qms: 6.31

qes : .283

vas (compliance volume) : 4.87 ft3

x-max : 1.5" 1 way

volume displacement is .13 ft3

i want to run these subs ported, manufacturer specs reccomends 2.23 sq. ft. box volume PER sub. now the part i need help on, is in the trunk of my lincoln, i want the box to be mostly under the rear deck. since i know that there isn't enogh room under there, and since i don't have a rendering program i will describe this the best that i can. what i wanna do, is make the box in the shape of an upside down L , with the port being in the center of underneath my rear deck, so the enclosure port will fire into the cabin of the lincoln. i just got my car 2 days ago so i haven't had time to go measure all the room, but maybe some one already knows or owns a 97 linc or grand marquis/crown vic (all got the same trunk).

based off the manufac. specs provided, i was hoping maybe someone could come up with a good plan for me i.e best box volume, port length, diameter, ect. also i would like the box to be tuned pretty low, i was thinking maybe something like 32 hz.

also, i got some rough measurements of the trunk. underneath the rear deck, before it goes into the biggest part of the trunk, its about 20 inches deep, 38 inches wide, and 11 inches tall. maybe a better description of how i want the box, if it still seems unclear, is imagine 2 rectangles attached to each other so one is larger than the other, and when layed on its side it looks like an L, only upside down. this is what the trunk looks like Lincoln%2097%20016 (if that didn't work ) F:\Documents and Settings\Charly\My Documents\My Pictures

basically i want half the box to be in the spare tire location if that helps. any and all help is very greatly appreciated, thanks a lot, sincerely, charles

03-16-2008, 11:45 PM
can somebody hook it up :D

03-19-2008, 03:21 PM
lol maybe i got no replys cause nobody knows what the hell i'm talmbout??? if anybody could hook me up it would be greatly appreciated

03-23-2008, 05:07 PM
well i'm finally getting started on this build. got things partially figured out on my design, changed it up a bit tho. instead of 2 vegas i'll be going with 4 since i got a couple more for super cheap off my friend. either going to run them off of 2 directed d2400's, a fosgate t2000 1bd, or if i can find them 2 oldschool orion "surfboards" .

well since nobody wanted to hook me up with some help as to designing my box i'm just gonna jump in it and go through the trial/error process. since i'm now going to be running 4 subs i'll now be going with a slot port. the way the box will be designed, is i'll have the port exit centered under the rear deck, where a hole already exsists (it was where the stock sub was) . most likely i'll be going ported, tuned to either 32-35 hz.

this will be the 3d box i've ever made, altho i'll most likely be going ported i'm a little tempted to try a bandpass design. pics soon to come. if anybody has anything helpful to add/ maybe a few pointers, or a better design it will be greatly appreciated. so far i've come up with, is the box should be around 9-10 cubes, and i'm still working on port area/length.