View Full Version : 6.5" coax help/suggestions needed

03-15-2008, 04:26 AM
So now that I've got my sub issues sorted out, I was wondering what yall think about my front stage set up. Right now I have the CDT EF-61 NEO's, but hate the tweets. They sound really harsh to me especially now that I upgraded to the PDX 4.150(bridged). I got crazy and got a set of SEAS 27tffnc neo tweeters, which I was going to try with a CDT 560 crossover. While screwing around on another site, I ordered a set of the PG RSD Comps cause they were cheap and have decent reviews. I was also looking at the Hertz HSK 165's.
My question is:
Should I just say F#$% it and get/install the Hertz and be done with it? This will keep the new parts new for resale. Or, should I screw around with the different setups?
Oh yeah, I have also just ordered the amp that I really wanted in the first place. The Ausidon LRX 3.1K 3 channel amp (2x170 w, 1x750 w @ 4 ohms.) My dealer made me an offer that I couldn't refuse:p!