View Full Version : Ported Box for FI Q

03-14-2008, 08:28 PM
Just got my new FI Q 12 w/BP and have a question about building a ported box as all subs in my car have been in sealed boxes. Am I best served with choosing a free plan from the sticky post, or better yet... What things should I be thinking about that would sway me to NOT use one of those?

2004 Grand Prix with large trunk. Will be throwing 1000+ wrms at it (MTX 81000d). From scowering some posts I was leaning toward 2.5 cu ft @ 32, but wanted to see what was up...

03-14-2008, 08:34 PM
that sound good...i did one that was 2.5cft net tuned to 28hz, and i wish we would have tuned it around 32hz personally....shoot for 12-16sq" of port area per cube (so 30-40"sq of port area)...