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03-14-2008, 12:08 AM
So I had about an hour to put it in today. I am amazed at how easy crap is to put in nowadays. Custom made dash kits and wiring harnesses make these HU installs a breeze.

Anyway, I was replacing a Pansonic unit that had Ipod capability, but it was too da.. slow. So it was really just a matter of swapping them out.

I did not check all of the details, so of course my 4th generation ipod wont hook up using the supplied USB cable, so I now need to rush to BB tomorrow to buy the direct connect cable for 30 bucks.

I did hook up my kids nano and I really liked the display and the speed at which I could scan for music.

I need to mess with the gains on my amps because I can hear some alternator twine now that was very quiet on my panasonic. And as was mentioned by someone before, the BASS output on this thing is ridiculous. I need to basically need to go in and tweak all of my settings for this particular HU.

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