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SS Rep Jon
03-12-2008, 02:17 PM
After completing my sound deadening venture about two years ago I still wanted my car quieter. Less exhaust, less road noise, and just an overall quieter interior. So I set out in search of what to use and basically found three products, Second Skin's Luxury Liner, Vertex Mobile Sound Products' Vertex Barrier, and Cascade Audio's VB-4.

I started looking at the specs and comparing them. Both Luxury Liner and Vertex Barrier measured the same thickness and weight (0.375" thick, 1lb. per sq. ft.), while the VB-4 weighed the same as the other two but was thinner measuring in at 0.250" thick. All three are of similar construction, a thick vinyl mass barrier with a thicker decoupling foam layer.

Price wise is where the differences started to show. Cascade Audio's VB-4 varied in price a lot, the cheapest I could find it for was $113.72 shipped for 13.9 sq. ft.. That's $8.18 a sq. ft., making it the most expensive of the three.
Then came the Vertex Barrier at $95.00 shipped for 13.5 sq. ft. ($7.04 a sq. ft.) and finally Luxury Liner with the smallest price tag at $41.50 shipped for 9 sq. ft. ($4.61 a sq. ft.). Even if I bought two sheets of Luxury Liner to have close to the same amount of square footage as the other two (actually I'd have 3-4 sq. ft. more at 18 sq. ft. total) the price only came to $75.04 (thats only $4.16 a sq. ft.!). That alone really helped me out on which one to go for, especially when you're on a budget like me and you need to get the best bang for your buck.

Shortly after looking at those three products I contacted Anthony at Second Skin to ask a question (can't remember what it was) and he brought my attention to a new product he just released, Luxury Liner Pro. Not only that, he was more then gracious enough to send me a sheet to see if it would fit my needs and all I can say is WOW.

Picture of Luxury Liner Pro

When I got the package and pulled it out of the box, I remember the first thing I said, "... this is some heavy SH*T!" and quickly realized how serious this product is. Pro means PRO and that is exactly what you get with this product, professional grade through and through.

Being the type of person that I am, I of course pulled out my calipers and other measuring tools (scales, etc.) to see if it stacks up to what is claimed on the website and sure enough it did!

On the website it's published thickness is 0.375" and that was the thinnest reading I got, the average was around 0.390", so I definitely don't feel ripped off. And the sheer weight of the stuff is just astonishing. Tipping the scales at just a bit over 10 pounds for 9 sq. ft. puts it at 1.12-1.14lbs per sq. ft.. That is one heavy barrier!

The foam of Luxury Liner Pro is definitely something to be noted. It is a dense closed cell foam, yet it easily conforms to curves and compresses very well so it can be shoved into some tight areas. This is really great if you have a layer or two of a sound deadening mat already installed or if you are worried about trim pieces, your carpet, or anything else not fitting right after you install it.
Also with it being constructed from a closed cell foam, this allows it to be installed in areas that you would never install an open celled product such as in your doors or any other area that sees high amounts of moisture.

Sample of regular Luxury Liner on top of Luxury Liner Pro.
Notice the difference between the foams.

I then took the sheet of Luxury Liner Pro and just tossed it in my trunk right above the exhaust just to see if that alone would make a difference, I didn't even bother gluing it down, and sure enough it made a difference! It was enough of a difference my sister and mom both noticed, and you know how women are about noisy things... ;)

Now the kicker, price. $51.92 shipped for 9 sq. ft., thats $5.77 a sq. ft.! That is cheaper then any other noise barrier out there (next to regular Luxury Liner)!

Luxury Liner Pro delivers nothing less of professional results. Unsurpassed quality, outstanding results, and all for a small price tag! If you are looking for that luxury car silence, this is the product for you! And don't just take my word for it, take a look at the product yourself, you will not be disappointed!

Second Skin's Luxury Liner Pro (http://www.secondskinaudio.com/noise-barrier/Luxury-Liner-Pro.php)