View Full Version : Woohoo! Construction finished!

04-29-2003, 07:03 PM
Ah... It's so nice to be able to complete a project and have it all work out how I envisioned it. The new amp racks are finished as is the box. Now I just have to get started on the fiberglass covering for all of it. But that must wait, because I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow (ugh). Anyway, just thought I'd share my joy with all of you. Soon as I figure out where I put the camera, I'll get some pictures up.

The sub now fires into the cabin from a sealed enclosure in the trunk up against where the back seat used to be. The amp racks are just off vertical against the sides of the back seat area. I think the next part I'll work on is the neon glowing, air-bubble creating waterbox (check out the waterbox thread if you don't follow me here).

Feels good to have something going right for a change (esp. since my fiancee broke up with me Sunday night.. through a frickin' e-mail.. bah).