View Full Version : I forgot how much i loved my Memphis Msyncs

03-05-2008, 09:20 PM
i bought these speakers a couple years ago and havent listened to them in a while. i blew one of my rainbow mids so decided to throw these back in... and honestly i gotta say - i think i like them better than my rainbows (mids) and these can be had for far less.. in comparsion to my rainbows - they take about the same amount of power and get basically as loud but have a lot less coloration and seem to sound a lot smoother.. the rainbow's sounded absolutely amazing on some songs.. and only so so on others... these sound great on almost everything.

as i said its been awhile since i listened to em and the tweeters bit the bullet a long time ago.. i remmeber them as being loud (not harsh) but defently something that could use a little tuning when placed high in the dash but if run by the mid or in the kicks - sound fine. they come with a metal tweet but the silk domes can be purchased serperately which i heard is an amazing tweeter.

overall i couldnt be happier with the mids.. the only thing i gotta caution is how much power you put to them because of the crossovers.. when i had the tweeters - they took 150 watts for like a year.. then when i got a new amp and put 200+ to them.. the tweeter protection did nothing and the crossovers litterally blew up and popped the tweets.. but the mids can handle the 200+ pretty well.. you might just have to cross them at about 120hz if you wanna run that much

so overall if you're looking for a great sounding set of speakers with a moderate budget - i dont think you can go wrong with these... i would suggest buying these and maybe a better tweeter and sell the ones they come with.. unless you have access to a decent eq.

memphis doesnt get the love it deserves on these forums.

08-01-2010, 12:44 AM
dude im really into memphis, im fairly new to the game. right now i got 2 12" memphis pr subs to a 500w mono memphis pr amp and man does it bang. even though theyre in the back off my seats in a carpeted sealed enclousure of my 2000 reg cab silverado. i m not satisfied w my spekers though i have the logic door speakers and 4x6s to an 800w 2 ch logic amp w/ four cheap tweeters that sound all staticy when i go to high, im thinking bout going to memphis spekers and tweeters but im wanna chill on my spending. anyways i agree wit u on memphis not getting enough luv. but the setup sounds decent for me since im an newcomer and definetly here to stay.

08-01-2010, 12:45 AM
can u give some more info on these speakers also can i put them directly to my cd player or should i use my 2ch 800w logic amp. sorry if its a stupid question im a newcomer