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03-05-2008, 07:45 AM
Watts Up. Just wanted to say hi. Give some updates.
We look forward to the 08 SPLMAX CUP competition. I think there is some good stuff this year.

The SPLMAX CUP competition uses the Bass Race format and a bonus point system. Bass Race is the fairest SPL format. The bonus points system encourages strategy from the competitor. It gives the competitor the option on how he wants to compete.

2008 SPLMAX CUP trophy is being designed and built by Aaron (a.k.a. Rumpshaker) Cole. Aaron is a true artisit. His trophy design incorporates car audio parts in an original format. The cool features are custom fabrication and paint, lighting, motorization and video monitors. Aaron has put in over 80 hours so far. The trophy is taking shape and I have included some photos. You will not be dissappointed.

We have 6 regions this year. Each region will offer 10 events. New regions are Texas and Arizona. Jeremy, David, Doug and I have returned to offer the events again. New comers are Leo and Cory

$100 first place awarded for most splmaxcup points per event. The competitor who has the most points (finish, bracket and class) will recieve the prize at each SPLMAX CUP event. This will be offered at all SPLMAX CUP events

Two man team competition is creating a lot of excitement. One of the first team formats offered in SPL competition history. Two competitors pair up. Their individual SPLMAX CUP scores are added together to form a team score. It should add a lot of excitement and drama to the season. Strategy times 2.

Updated website that includes team rankings, trivia, and bad competitors

From previous posts, I would like to address some questions or comments.

SPLMAX CUP is not my event, it is a team effort. I might be the "face" or spearhead of the competition, but the competition is for all of us. I use to compete and had a good time doing it. The 5 other promotors and I try to work together to form the most fair and balanced competition. I do not know any other way to help promote a sport I love. If you ever have a concern or question, please ask us.

SPLMAX CUP is a balanced points race. Each promotor has to do his best to provide you with the best show possible. Typically that means you want as many competitors as possible to earn the most points. It makes all of us work harder.

A great feature of the SPLMAX CUP is your option in what class you want to try to compete in. No other format allows you the flexibilty to pick and chose the people you want to beat. Many competitor choose to compete in full brackets. Doesn't this make for a better competition?

Thanks for your time. Please feel free to P.M. at splmax cup forum.