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03-04-2008, 01:15 PM
I have never fabbed a ported box before. I want to build a ported box for two Tang Band W8-740P's. I have done a little homework up to this point and I have read several posts saying that giving two of them slightly more than 1cu ft of ported air space tuned to around 38Hz is optimal. I have messed around with Subwoofertools and this is what I have come up with so far:

Box 1:

I like this plan because it seems easy enough to build and it gives me a little boost around 50hz. It seems like the larger I make the box w/ regards to cu. ft. the more of a boost I get around 50hz. I primarily listen to Rock and occasionally Hip-Hop. I think this would probably be a good full range box.

What do you think of these plans guys?

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Ex Duece.


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Ex Duece.


Que? :confused:

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Anyone else have some feedback or opinions for me?