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02-29-2008, 04:45 PM

I was wondering if someone can make a cutsheet for a sealed box for a 12" DEI comp X subwoofer. the specs are below. I was thinking of 14x14x14, would that work with volume?

Model 5122
Size 12"
Fs (free-air resonance, Hz) 38.44
Vas (equivalent compliance, cu. ft.) 1.13
Vas (equivalent compliance, liters) 32.15
Qms (Q, mechanical) 9.27
Qes (Q, electrical) 0.85
Qts (total driver Q) 0.78
Re (DC resistance, ohms) 3.4
Z (nominal impedance, ohms) 4.0
Le (inductance, mh) 1.19
Efficiency (2.83V @ 1M, dB) 88.21
Xmax (one way linear excursion, in.) 0.74
Xmax (one way linear excursion, mm) 19.00
Pe (continuous power handling, watts) 800
Peak power handling (music, watts) 1200
SPL power handling (SPL burst, watts) 1500
Mms (total moving mass, grams) 166
Cms (mechanical compliance, mm/N) 103.000
Bl (motor strength, Tesla-M) 12.75
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. cm.) 471.44
Sd (effective radiating area, sq. in.) 73.07
Frequency range (Hz) 30-2.5k
Energy Bandwidth Product (EBP) 45
Model 5122
Mounting hole diameter (inches) 11.1
Mounting depth (inches *) 6.5
Basket diameter (inches) 12.3
Typical sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 1.15
SPL sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 0.80
Low Qtc sealed enclosure (cu. ft.) 1.75
Vented enclosure (cu. ft.) 1.3
Port tuning frequency (Hz) 45
Port diameter (inside, in.) 4
Equivalent square port (in.) 3.54x3.54
Port length (in.) 10.47

02-29-2008, 06:45 PM
If you are using 3/4" wood

(2) 14x14
(2) 14x12.5
(2) 12.5x12.5

The box is 1.13 ft^3 before speaker displacement. Would probably work well for SQ but you may be disapointed if you are going for SPL.

02-29-2008, 06:50 PM
what would you do for SPL? at 3/4 MDF