View Full Version : needing box plans... any good box design programs

02-27-2008, 11:50 PM
i want to design a box for my truck, with 4 12's. i am needing a program or some help on getting it ported right, and getting the volume correct.

4 12's, they need 2 c. ft, and i am still not sure what to tune it too. the book that came with them says 2 cubes at 40 hz. but i will use as a daily driver and local comps. and i have been told 30 to 35 hz! so i have found some single 12 boxes that are at 34 hz. what do i need to shoot for to get some decent spl numbers?

truck is a 91 chevy ext cab, and the max measurements are 62 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and 23 inches deep. this will put the top of the box about 2 inches behind the seat. and about an 1 or a lil more away from the sides, and right against the back wall. and i will raise the box a little so the subs can be facing down. so it can be a lil shorter then 18 inches, like 16 would be good. tryin to keep it below the windows on the side.

i want the subs facing down, should the ports be down also? i have been told that subs down and ports down will give good bass in the seats.

also want it slot ported no round tubes, i have access to all the tools needed to build one! any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. layouts or drawing welcomed.