View Full Version : the greatest box

04-25-2003, 10:33 PM
I have a 12" L7 and i need to know wich box would be best for it and if i build a sealed box do i need to build it big or small i have plenty of room

04-26-2003, 03:31 AM
5 cu ft ported to about 33-35 hz IMO. Just finished a box for a friend w/ 2 12" L7's... 4.0 cu ft tuned to 35 Hz, and sounds da*n nice. WAY better than his 1.0 cu ft sealed box. I'de say anything 4 cu ft and above, not tuned to anything more than 35 hz. Check out my sounddomain page in my signiture if u want to see pic's of that box i built. let me know if u need anything else..