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02-27-2008, 08:24 AM
I am going to build a slot ported box for 4 12's I will be using 4 memphis PR 12's to start, going to double my power soon and go with an HDC3, Icon type. I am calculating a box to the outside of the Pr specs, intending to be right on with one of the other types mentioned. I have the following calculations
box inside dems:
36.5" w x 18.5" h x 26.5" d = 10.5 cubes net

Port dems:
3" tall, 36.5" w = 109 sq in of port
18.75" long = 32hz tuning

I am asking those who read this and can double check my calcs, please do so..I am using a calculator from another website and will probably have this box built.
ps anybody know of a 12 that has 89 to 91 db sens, and can handle 750 w rms that would fit the box above??..

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thanks nG for the Simple edu sticky

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i sent u a pm