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02-26-2008, 09:36 PM
ok i have a treo ssx 18 and i contacted treo engineering and they told me the box needs to be a net internal volume of 4.0 cubic feet... they even went as far as giving me my box dimensions.. i built the box and it came out great.. BUT i got this friend that is in love with the big speaker boxes for some reason and he keeps telling me i need to build a 5-6 cubic ft box.. treo told me the speaker will have better response with the box i built.. should i go with a 5-6 cubic ft box or leave my 4.0 box alone.. i have yet gotten the opportunity to run this set up yet.. i am gonna run it before i go and built another box anyways. so please give some advice.. thanks. oh and matt i know u are on this site so dont reply with ur input..

02-26-2008, 09:40 PM
just sell me the speaker and throw the box away lol but really, sell me the sub

02-26-2008, 09:43 PM

Just a note; All you guys wanting enclosure designed / built or what ever
I keep seeing all these air space or volume request with speaker size/ tuning frequencies and so-on
It is very important to know more information
like the type of vehicle and more
The environment (Vehicle) will seriously effect ďALLĒ these factors
An Experienced Subwoofer Enclosure Designer (not just builder)
Needs to account for All the variables

True available space
Locations and surroundings for new enclosure
Distance to the Listeners
The Acoustical Characteristics of the Environment (different vehicles and certain
locations inside of that vehicle will react differently
Power Demands
Audio Objective (Type of Music, Response and SPL Levels)
Cosmetics (Looks)
Cost (The Cost of a Custom Subwoofer Enclosure can go and be divided up in
many directions)
You can spend a lot of money on just Looks (Fiberglass, Paint, Vinyl, Plex, Neon,


You can spend a lot of money on Performance (SPL or Sound Quality)
Itís finding the right Balance for that particular Project

An Expensive Subwoofer and Amplifier dose Not Equal GOOD BASS

Straight cut MDF and a Box Program dose Not Equal GOOD BASS

Smaller and\or Fewer Subwoofers Done Right Will Out Perform More and\or Larger Subwoofers Done Wrong

Big and Expensive Subwoofers (W7, 9500, Power T) is Not Always More Bass

Big and Expensive Subwoofer Sound Bad in Cheap Boxes; Spend the money on the Enclosure not the Sub

02-26-2008, 09:48 PM
im not asking for someone to build me a box.. im just wondering if a bigger box is better... i have a treo ssx 18.. do you need more info?? i have a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse. umm i want it for spl.. well try..

02-26-2008, 09:57 PM
I have done a lot of those 18”
As small as 3’ all the way to 10’
SPL, Competition SPL; Is tricky, every vehicle react differently
The enclosure will also react to the power level
I would stick with the box you have and do so serious test and tune to figure out where you’re at with the set up you already have