View Full Version : Auxillary,Tuner,______? Uh oh

02-25-2008, 04:07 PM
Lol alright i have another stereo related problem (although i still havnt found the source of my dimming :( ). First off i noticed that when i put a store bought cd in my car, it doesnt play. It says it can't read the disc. On the other hand it plays burned cds fine. I was driving to a bucks game with my friends and a song on my cd started skipping. I pulled the cd out and cleaned it, and then put it back in. Now when i hit the source button on my deck it only has auxillary and tuner, no cd option anymore lol. Now the cd wont eject either. Any ideas? Maybe the CD is just jammed? I'm hoping i dont have to pull the whole deck out because its a hassle with my car.

If it helps at all its a sony xplod deck (I know lol... hindsights 20/20)