View Full Version : Crossfire BMF XT15

01 S 10
02-24-2008, 01:28 PM
My review of the BMF XT15.... very impressed.

I picked up a used one for a price I couldn't turn down. The box I built it for is 4.5 cubes tuned to 33.5 hz. It is running off of my sundown 1500. btw the sub is 1.8x2 dvc, so the amp is running at 0.9 ohms (roughly ~1700 watts). This sub POUNDS! I went from 4 10"s sealed to this 15" ported... huge difference. I am very impressed by the performance. The only downfall I see it having is the surround is only the small 1" surround, on low bass notes (soul survivor screwed and chopped :D) it seems like it is ready to rip itself apart and keep on pounding. Also, its 40 pounds and definetely is no light weight. Hopefully I can get it on the TL to see what numbers I can put down with it. BTW this is in an ex. cab S10.

Only if i could find another one... :(