View Full Version : Kicker Ported BOX???????

04-25-2003, 04:40 AM
I was wondering if someone could give me a hand in regards to either making a new ported box or converting and existing sealed enclosure to a vented enclosure. I have changed between vehicles that had 2x12inch kicker impulse subz installed in them. This box was made as sealed enclosure and of the maximum enclosure size is 85 litres (im from OZ LAND) or 3 cubic feet. I had put my 2 year old box into another car that basically has hardly any room in the boot and its a hatch (1989 z31 300zx, you guys would know these cars) the main problem is since the box don't have much room behind it while being sealed, it does not reproject the bass into the car thus making it flat, I was considering to either make a new box which would be vented or just put port holes in my existing box. The main two questions is if I choose to put port holes what size would you recommend if not how big does a vented box have to be at a maximum enclosure so I can design it to fit my boot.



04-26-2003, 03:36 AM
depending on the subs (im not familiar w/ those subs) ide say have at least 1.75 cu ft for each sub to port it. Its safest to use around a 3" wide port, this avoids the chance of port noise etc. I'de say make a new, slightly larger box, and slot port it, or use a round port, and you'll probaly like it more than just porting a sealed box. Let me know...

04-27-2003, 02:10 AM
Thanx for your help buddy im gonna have to go do some measuring up on my boot to see how I can best get this volume size with my boot, if u know the z31 they have a boot contrain size hard lol, so just trying work out what would be best to do for that. If you come across any more information or think of any better ideas let me know. I just have to think about either being a predone ported box or design my own. I should just trade in my subs and get freeair and be done with it.