View Full Version : Box design if possible please.

02-23-2008, 06:00 PM
Currently i have a custom sealed box i made for my kicker cvr 12 inch. I was thinking about trying out ported, and then selling or giving away the box i didnt use whatever i decide, since i have extra mdf and carpet etc.

Anyways i may not even be able to do ported, but here are the dimensions that they need to be to fit behind my seat in my truck.

Depth - 9 inches bottom, 7 inches top, this is a wedge box and has to be this short of a depth to fit in my truck.

Height - 14 inches, cannot be anymore or i run into the plastic trim for the panel going over the back wall.

Length - This is where i can go long, i dont want to run over 44 inches here.

Would this even be possible to make into a good ported box for my kicker, the minimum cuft off kicker.com is 1.75 for ported. Right now my box is 30inches i believe and 1.3 sealed. Would this affect sound to have such a short but long box, would i be better just keeping my sealed?

Also, i dont know what tuning to make it since its not specified on kicker.com, so if someone could post this if you know.

02-23-2008, 08:01 PM
Ok i just read around and found the RE enclosure calculator, so i decided to use it, does this look good to you guys, or is it too long and to shallow for a good ported. I went off a tuning of 35 as recommended by some people, if this is wrong mention it also please.

Eww, just looked at the image, its too small to see anything, ill type out dimensions.

Box width: 44
Box height: 14
Box top depth: 7
Box bottom depth: 9
Wood thickness: .75
Square port height: 12.5
Square port width: 1.5
Square port length 1: 5.75
Square port length 2: 11
Total port length: 19.75
Square port diameter: 4.88602
Square port area: 18.75
Square port volume internal: 370.3125
Square port volume displaced: 382.3125
Box volume: 1.777
Tuned frequency: 34.9039