View Full Version : Designing my Ported box, info

02-23-2008, 11:05 AM
i am going to build a ported box for a single 12" pioneer sub (dual 2ohm, 400WRMS):


powered by kenwood amp (300wrms):


now i need to design the box ill build.

*** 1st of all, is this sub adequate to do it ported?

*** if yes i was wondering if the port position (left,right,bottom,etc) will do a difference?

*** pioneer site says that they do the following encl for it (but its sealed?!?!):


basically after searching the web, i need to know what information about this sub should i find (from where??) in order to identify the specs of the enclosure and port/vent??

i was considering doing something like this design (but for my specs!):


also, i listed to broad music but moslty electronic music and dance, so how would i figure out to which freq i tune it? and should i allow some hz difference since i read that in reality it will go lower than the designed freq???

i really need some guidlines to start this since im not experienced
thanks alot