View Full Version : components and my amp.

02-22-2008, 10:00 PM
I have a 4 channel amp, a Rockford Fosgate power t4004. It's 90rms per channel. I just realized people would recommend hooking all four channels up to the front stage. I don't completely understand components but if it makes it sound better I'll just ignore the back speakers. I guess I want to utilize the POWER of my amp so I don't want to completely skimp out on the components (just skimp out a little bit). I'm turned off by high highs, the harsh sound some components are accompanied with. I want to spend 180-250 on components. Thus far I am leaning towards the Alpine SPX-17REF. I was also looking at boston sx60s. I'm not which will match up to my amp better, through the specs. I'm going to have it professionally installed at the local car audio shop even if they are overpriced... :( Thanks for your time.