View Full Version : 1972 lemans (gto clone) south FL.

02-22-2008, 06:36 AM
hello, Im Brian Scarbs.

ive had this pontiac lemans for the past 9 years.
it was my daily driver for the last 8 years.

I now have a corvette, and ive basicly given up trying to fix / restore this car,
it has rust.
it is a project car.
it also has a fresh 400 cu pontiac engine ( less than 5 thousand miles on rebuild )
it also has a fresh turbo 350 tranny - less than 500 miles on rebuild.
also has a new edelbrock 600cfm carb ( manual choke ) thats on an older edelbrock
performer intake. car has crappy old headers that dump in to glass packs . engine runs
awesome. nice streatable every day in traffic type cam. if you want to go fast, add a
bigger cam. thats pretty much all this thing needs to be a real hand full on the streets.
- car has an aluminum radiator, and tranny cooler, runs at 170 all day long.
the main things needed to be done on the car before it can be classified as daily driver status,

the master cylinder is about dead. you have to pump the breaks to get them to work.
- replacing the master could make the car a bit safer to drive, not much tho because its got 4 wheel MANUAL drum breaks.
no disks,
just drums. and they ****, and the car is heavy.
you get my drift, - the car needs a disk break swap and a power break upgrade.
- all the front suspension bushings are dead.
they are all vintage 1972 stuff, and are old and worn out.

doing those things to the car, should make it liveable for daily comuting, if you can afford the gas..... hahah.

have some pix,


you can view more pix in my photobucket,


more about the car,
- in a perfect world, I would turn this car in to a stripped down barely
streetable drag car. - it wouldnt take much. add some roll cage, cut out and strip
everything un nessary on the car, slap in a race cam and a race intake manafold and
carb, add posi to the rear = not alot of money to go silly fast.

the car came with a vynal top. it has rust where the vynal was. alot actually.
rust was grinded away and filler was added, and now its flaking off due to more rust growth.
- if you have a welder at your garage, and dont mind making patch pannels then it wont be soo bad.
if you have no idea what I just said,
your definately not restoring this car. there is rust in weird places man.
and if you took it to a shop to have them fix it, it wouldnt be worth it.

I have all the trim that goes around the windows - its off because I was trying
to stop the rain from leaking in. it does - bad actually.

this is a project car with a new engine and trans.
best suited to be a stripped down race car.
car has a clear title ready to be signed over.

I loved this car, but now I love my corvette even more.
im not gona hi ball you guys, if some one wants it,
to actually do something with this car,
you can have it for $2500. - or we can haggle a little

send me a pm here,
or email me
[email protected]

the car is located in south FL area code 33064 ( right above Ft Lauterdale )

trade fodder could include -
a mono amp that does 1500w rms to 2500w rms
and some ultra bad *** subs.
and money..... haha.....

02-22-2008, 07:40 PM
lmk what you think about price,
seems fair to me, but lmk what you guys think.
or haggle with me a bit.

id like to get this car out of here some time soon