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02-19-2008, 09:09 PM
Well, I'm working two jobs, prolly about 3 weeks away from getting everything put together for my system. I got a 97 mustang, and theres pretty much no way, without fiberglassing, that Im gonna two 15 R's in the trunk. So, Ive decided to do a Rear Seat Delete Box. I know the basics of building one of these, I just had a couple questions.

1) The port is gonna be slanted, but the bottom of it is gonna be straight up and down. Now my question is, how would it affect the tuning/output? Where would I measure the port length from? I believe I have to measure from the middle of the slope, but Im not 100% sure.

2) I was gonna have the top of the box align with the rear deck, and then put an amp rack on top of the box, so it was "floating". How do you think it'll look? Anyone have any better ideas?

Thx for the help....

02-19-2008, 10:08 PM
do you have the mach 460?

if you do, you may need to remove the amp rack in the trunk to allow more room for the box. You only have 11 1/2" clearance from the trunk floor to the bottom of the amp rack/speaker box. Also the opening to the truck from the cabin is also the same height.

you may end up building that box inside the trunk, which can be a pain in the azz, especially in a small mustang trunk.

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WOW, you are so helpful :rolleyes:

OP, do you have any pics or sketches of what your talking about?