View Full Version : Alpine questions?? Please Help!!!!

02-19-2008, 03:45 PM
I was reading the new imprint that alpine has but towards the end of the review it sounded like he had better results with his own tuning.

I was debating on the CDA-9887 with the KTX-100EQ (Imprint)

CDA-9887 with the RUX-C701(H701 Controler)/PXA-H701

Is the H701 better than the KTX-100eq? I am not running Video just want a top notch SQ set-up. Video is stand alone on roof liner for Kids in the Back seat.

I have a Double Din Opening on a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer and was wondering if the RUX-C701 (Controler) could be mounted easy with the CDA-9887 to fit in the double Din opening or would there need to be Mods?

Can the PXA-H701 match up with the IVA-W205?

02-20-2008, 11:19 PM
Yes, the 701 is far and away a better piece than the imprint piece. I think what the idea of the imprint is for the general population that may not have the know how, or the time to invest in learning how to properly tune a car. If you want, a sometimes overpowering amount of tuning options, the 701 will do just about anything you want it to!!

As far as the dd option, I'm pretty sure that a dual single din kit is available for you mountaineer. A custom look is always better, if you've got the skills!!