View Full Version : To do or not to do?

02-12-2008, 06:19 PM
I am looking into doing some more audio stuff to my car but am on a low budget (aren't we all). I have a dual flip up dvd player and love the looks of it and have had no problems with it. I also have a sirius unit in the lower din right below the head unit. I really hate the sirius unit sticking out like it is and have been wanting to get a sirius ready head unit for a while but don't want to spend like $600 on it. So i have been looking at other tiburons on here and saw alot of people had the pc's and multiple head units in the car. Here's my idea/question. Can i keep my dual head unit in the upper din and put a regular, sirius ready head unit in the lower din? I found a pioneer and other units that have the sirius built in as well as the ipod direct control so you can control your ipod through it.

Can i make this work? I will be having it installed by a local place or best buy. I spoke with a place breifly about it and said they have done it before so that when one's on the other shutts off.

Thanks for the help and any suggestions of what to do and even what head units would work well is appreciated.