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02-11-2008, 01:03 AM

My install plan did not originally involve a new amplifier, but space constraints required a four channel. Hanging around on DIYMA i heard about Zuki audio amplifiers and the disagreement due to the lack of information about them. I'm always down for trying unusual gear, but rarely have the chance so i jumped in.


The amp itself is very spartan looking which is a plus for me because it is partially visible to anyone walking near my truck. All adjustments and input/outputs are all on one side like a DLS amp. This was a plus because my RCAs were just barely long enough. The power and output terminals all use phillips headed set screws which is nice, but my favorite screwdriver (which fits every screw on earth) is just too big for the speaker terminals due to the clear plastic the terminals are recessed into. A tool swap was required, which isn't a bad thing, but i didn't plan on it when i glanced at the size needed. The terminals and RCA conections are solidly mounted to the chassis. No wobble or deflection. The adjustment dials are softer plastic than i expected. Not deformable, or brittle, but soft. The recess on the knobs are very small, but i found a cut off zip tie is the perfect size for adjustment.The case is all black with slightly curled over fins on top. The mounting notches are a little shallower than i would have liked, but i do prefer holes instead of notches. The power LED is blue and pointed horiziontally. It's very bright, so it illuminates the bottom of the door at night. It doesn't effect my night vision.


All the upheaval is about the power rating: 5W x4 @ 4 ohms. That is pretty low, but numbers aren't. I figured even if that was all it put out the Eleet would be able to drive a pair of tweeters, but not a sub on the rear channels bridged. I drove around for a few days with no sub. The Eleet is able to keep up with my mids getting 200w each no problem. The gain is up a hair, but that doesn't bother me. I did notice the left and right are more extreme. Even with out tuning anything my sloped soundstage was higher for longer. This could be because i ditched the passive crossovers, but I don't want to go back to find out. The music sounds more lively now. Before it was pretty tame, but now it is a bit more dynamic. Once i hooked up the sub i was pleasently suprised that it was driven just as well as it was before. I've never had a sub driven by more than 300w and i like modest levels (most passengers ask "why isn't your sub on?", so the Eleets' output was more than enough for my liking.


Zuki Audio (zukiaudio.com) appears to be a small company. My first contact was for a size request (2.75" x 10 x 17) which was answered in an hour. The subsequent contact was for music tastes and system layout. Most mesages were answered in 30 minutes. I was sent numerous test disks containing my favorite genres. I havn't been able to listen to every track (15+ CDs total) but what i have made it through i generally like. Order to delivery was one week in my case.


It was recomended to me to run my entire front stage off the Zuki amp. I didn't do that for my initail installation because my wires were already run and i didn't feel like pulling up all of my wires. I will reconfigure in a month or two, but i am afraid i will like what i heard and my Zed amp will no longer have a place in my setup. I am pleased with the amplifier. It does what it should when it should. There is supposedly no protective circuitry (according to posts on ECA or DIYMA I can't remember) other than two onboard fuses (30 A) so I used insulated terminals at the speakers just in case one slips off. The amp runs cool, but it has only been 70-80 degrees here recently.

My gear as of now:
Eclipse CD7100
Dynaudio MW160 powered by Zed Audio Duece (200wx2 @4)
Dynaudio MD100 powered by Zuki Audio Eleets four channel
Adire Audio Koda 10 (4ohm SVC) in a small sealed box

05-29-2009, 11:39 PM
It's been over a year now and everything is still working perfectly. The amp survived summer 08 (110+ air temps ~140 degrees inside my truck). The fast turn on still bothers me. Listening to the tweeters and sub for seven seconds is weird.

There is protection circuitry according to DIYMA, but i've never seen it in action (it explained the other LED though). Some one on DIYMA benched one at 140 W x4 @4.

I am still pleased and have no plan to change equipment.