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04-21-2003, 03:24 PM
i have no idea what to get...i heard a truck with focal polyglass components and they sounded pretty good to me...from what i've seen i can get a set for around $200..are they worth it? someone said that focal was overpriced...i'm trying to get the most for my money...i'm going to have a system that'll hit around 150..hopfully...so i want a component set that'll sound as good as the subs..i dont want too much bass and not enough mids/highs...i was also lookin at a pair of focal 6x9s..i DONT have a car yet, and i'm the kind of person that gets alot of money and wastes it on nothing while saving up for something..so i'm trying to spend it on something i'll use before i spend it on a bunch of crap...any suggestions, or help, or whatever would be apprecaited...i'm tryin to keep it under $300 though....

I also need to know what kind of amp would be good to power the components and a pair of 6x9s..i'm assuming a 100.4...but i have no idea..?

04-21-2003, 10:23 PM
hey...i just recently bought and installed the infinity kappa 60.5cs. Its a 6-1/2" component set. Sounds very nice .....much much much better than stock. Many people say the titanium tweeters are too harsh but these dont sound bad...just turn the treb down a bit. I have kappa 6x9s for the rear and a us acoustics 4085 85wx4ch. It all sounds crisp and very clear. Got everything for around $400-$450..wires and everything included. maybe just skip the 6x9s if youre adding subs...

04-22-2003, 12:29 AM
i was lookin at infinity kappa's a little while ago...i was checking out the stuff on ebay and one of the auctions said that the retail on the component set was like $250..and the retail on the polyglass focals was like $450...so common sense would say that focal is better? i don't want to be paying for the name here...i have a friend that paid 2000 bucks for a system..jbl 1200.1, and 2 rockford fosgate punch hx2's...he hit 141...another fiend had a couple of 12'' k's by e designs and he put those in the other guys box and ghe hit 143...he paid like $120 each for the k's..and the other guy paid like $140 each for the punch hx2s...thats 40 bucks he coulda saved..and 2db's louder he coulda been...i've known alot of people that have put in systems and its just came out being a bunch of crap..and i'm tryin to avoid doing that myself, cause i dont have the money to waste doing it, and redoing it..so i want the best i can at first...but i don't know what to doooooooo *is confused*...i've heard some systems with 6x9's and without 6x9's..and i think it sounds better with 6x9's and subs...i'm still leanin towards polyglass focals though..i dunno why

04-22-2003, 08:26 AM
well thats cool...im not an expert....and i dont have the money to afford the focals or boston acoustics or any other really nice brands. this sounds great to me...my first set of components...maybe in a few years ill get something really nice.