View Full Version : ok heres my box i hope its right!

02-08-2008, 12:25 AM
Well I have been getting a TONS of diffrent box designs.

This is what I WANTED to have done

17"H x 42"W x 24"D, 8.174^3ft gross vol. Slot port, 15.5" x 5" x 15.92"[email protected]

Then I asked what do I need to do to have the tuning changed to 34 and he said " change the port" and he said he was gonna change it to 15.5" x 5" x 17.5"[email protected]

Then he went and measured the width of my EXPLORER and it came out to 44w and not 42. So then he was like ya we can get some extra width in there. I was like ok. And to make it short this is what the box is gonna be and its basically to late now so I hope its right!

This is what is being built
18h x 44w x 20d with a port of 15.5" x 5" x 17.5"[email protected]

I feel that everything just got messed up