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02-07-2008, 11:25 PM
the box is for a 98 mustang and 2 kicker cvr 10"s are going in the box, here are the dimensions i came up with for the box, the box has 2 ports that i kinda designed for it, they are both 2" ports at the back of the box and the box has a peice seperating it down the middle with both subs having 1 port a peice

i dont know if it will work but i am up for suggestions and i am new to the whole box designing and making scene lol

17"d x 24"w x 11"h

bottom: 17"d x 24"w
top : 15.5"d x 24"w
sides : 13.5"d x 9.5"h
back : 24"w x 11"h
front : 24"w x 11"h

i was going to see if someone could do a google sketchup on this or if not on this specific design, then you could come up with a design of your own but it has to be the orginal total diensions of the box unless you belive it needs to be smaller at all

thanks for the help, please dont bash my thread i am simply new to this and asking for suggestions and a little help