View Full Version : Long time guys, New set-up

02-04-2008, 09:33 PM
So college is over, the mustang is gone, the Brahma resides at home in my Tacoma - the backseats are a joke anyway, so why not put a giant box there.

Medical school has started - and despite the 100+ hours of study per week, I'm starting to feel the urge again.

I picked up a little 2005 civic LX sedan - with the 4x 6.5", and a bit more trunk space than my mustang.

Deck: Ordered the CDA-9887 it's on the way - got a good deal <$300 (any idea how much getting a dealer to imprint it will cost me?)

Speakers: Oh how I want to do components (I got a little 4 channel US acoustics amp at home that would do nicely) but with so little time/money to invest I really don't know if I can. Was gonna pick up the RSD coaxials but they're on backorder from onlincecarstereo.com. Any suggestions there?

Sub: Was gonna stick one of the Kicker CVX 12"s in my trunk and maybe run my old kicker 1200.1 to it. Otherwise maybe I'll ship over the old Brahma 15".

That's my situation. Looking (as always) to have a system that makes me happy to listen to it, yet it powerful enough to make the kiddies with their Sony Xplodes feel stupid (not that it would take more than me pounding on my trunk with my fists to drown them out) but I also have to be able to drown out those that overpaid for low end JL's too.

Nice to see people are still loving this sport after being gone for a few years. Any suggestions, advice or whatever is appreciated. Thanks

02-05-2008, 08:24 AM
Any kind of budget you would like to stay in?

02-05-2008, 01:58 PM
I think this place has those speakers in stock

02-05-2008, 04:44 PM
Found the coaxials for $40 a pair from a guy on eBay. Got those coming. I figure it can be a stepwise process. Put these in for the time being, try to find time to run my 4 channel amp, then take the time to do components right.

Now I gotta figure out sub and amp. Little worried though since the honda alternator I believe is 70amp. If I don't replace/rewind it, am I going to start running into problems? Budget is tight, I'd like to spend only a few hundred on my sub & amp. I figure sticking with a single sub might be the best for my budget.