View Full Version : HU Problems....

02-02-2008, 12:24 AM

Well i got an HU as a gift at christmas time, it was the Sony CDX-GT710. i had it installed and was told it could not be hooked up to my JVC CD changer because the different brand inputs do not match. is there any way i could bypass this or fix it?

Also when i play my JVC CD changer the volume is really low normaly i can put my HU at 16 and it is good easy listening volume but when i use my cd changer i have to put it to just about 18 just to be audible. the CD changer is connecting through FM frequencies but i dont see why this would effect it because i was using a stock HU with it before and it worked perfectly. I also have a Satelite Radio connected through auxilary and i dont get this problem. if anyone know anything about this issue any advice would be greatly appreciated.


02-02-2008, 01:39 PM