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Alpine CDA-9815
01-30-2008, 01:33 PM
Ok, I'm doing new wheels and tires... not by choice.

I had TSW Thruxtons 18x9.5 in the rears, with a 45mm offset. I fit 275/35/18 BFG DR's and KDW2's on them with no issues. I then last put on 285/35/18 Nitto 555RII's with no issues. The BFG's ran 10.9" wide and the Nittos ran 11.2" wide (from each of their website specs). Though my main question is are the 285/35/18 Nitto 555RII's really 11.2" wide???

Now my suspension is not stock. I do have Pedders 5/16" raise drag springs, x-member bushings, etc. I also have BMR Drag Bags but they are only used for the track and I grinded the fender lip off.

I'm going with Ruff Racing 278's with a 48mm offset, which will help shove the wheel/tire in 3mm's more. So this time around I wanted to go with Goodyear GS-D3's, but they only come in a 265 or 285. They are 11.4" wide for the 285's. I'm thinking with the extra 3mm's that they should fit without any rubbing issues?

The wheels.... http://www.statuswheels.com/images/uploads/159904131.jpg