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bass maniak
01-30-2008, 08:05 AM
I recieved my clarion vrx935vd hideaway unit and all wiring today.
It is 100% functional and works great. It is exactly as described.

I thought I had been scammed because of all the trouble with the shipping companys but it was just a stupid little problem as to why they kept sending the unit back. The unit never left the dhl facility when it got sent back and It was express shipped at a cost of 70 dollors ( I only paid 155 usd shipped ) so this was a great deal.

He remained in contact with me the whole time, despite me being a prick and creating threads and calling him down thinking I got scammed.

Besides all the trouble with the shipping companys, and the length it took to recieve the product ( because they kept sending the unit back ) I could say this was a great transaction for me.

Idk all this about same ip address as previous scammers or w.e but my experiance was pretty good over all and in the end I got what I paid for and it was express shipped at a very high cost to him.

Not sure how any of you feel about dealing with hondacbr03 but In the end, I guess I have no complaints at all.

Thanks for the unit, express shipping and the great price.

01-30-2008, 08:44 AM

01-30-2008, 08:47 AM
[QUOTE=bass maniak;4113336]This piece of **** just scammed me.....I got some of his info right here if anyone is closer then me to this **** sucker and got ripped off to.

If you are reading this you worthless sack of ****

one last chance to give me my money back you ****ing loser scamming *****
You got till I wake up tomorow to have this money in this paypal acount


bass maniak
01-30-2008, 08:52 AM
Yea, after writing that im suprised he didnt pick up the package and keep it lmao.

The package was in dhls hands the whole time tho I guess.
There was just alot of trouble with the shipping companys and I had thought that he was having the package returned but I guess it was a whole diffrent reason.

I really thought I had been scammed because of the IP check and everyone else saying what happened with people buying from those other user names.

Glad it all worked out tho and it was actually coming my way.
Kinda feel like a dip **** tho, for making the other threads.....

01-30-2008, 08:57 AM
well at least you made this thread...

01-30-2008, 09:40 AM
well at least you made this thread...


01-30-2008, 10:58 AM
He's still a known scammer though (going by a different name) so a better title would've been 'Hondacbr03 Did not scam ME!!!!'


....and I just want to know one thing. Would you take your chances with him again?....on a large purchase?

bass maniak
01-30-2008, 11:00 AM
Ummmmm.....that is the title.....
Just not in caps for me....

01-30-2008, 11:13 AM
Just not in caps for me....

that's the point ;) ...and what about my question?

01-30-2008, 11:38 AM
This is :crazy:....

But...and ive said this before, a few people got stuff from bad95gt AND 300hemi..or whatever the other sn was, before a lot of others got scammed. I dunno about this one...but i think i would keep the purchases small. JMO.

Glad you got your stuff though.:)

01-30-2008, 11:44 AM

bass maniak
01-30-2008, 12:15 PM
Well I probably wont be buying anything from anyone new or with less then a few thousand posts who isnt a regular anymore. ( Unless you have alot of pos refs in sales and trades )
I didnt really enjoy the feeling of feeling like I got scammed. ( I know I didnt, but I got paranoid for a bit )
I like to feel secure and safe in my online purchases.

I am not trying to argue anything, and I didnt make any statments to start one.
I just felt the need to clarify that I got my stuff because of my other threads.

01-30-2008, 08:54 PM
Just to throw in my .02 c .... tracking number for me still shows not picked up..... he still hasn't responded to my paypal claim or PM's ... I'm just thankful I paid via credit card, just gotta wait till the 8th for paypal to decide it in my favor and give my refund. Got scammed and didn't get the deal I wanted on the screen, but not gonna lose any money on this *******.

bass maniak
01-31-2008, 01:25 AM
Sorry to hear man but I hope everything works out alright.