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01-28-2008, 08:55 AM
G'day :),
I've just bought clarion DXZ576USB head-unit : http://www.clarion.com/my/en/products/2007/audio/source_units/cd/DXZ576USB/my-en-product-pf_1170603201486.html


Clarion SRS1626 component 6inch 'front' speakers:

headunit = 53 watts x4
speakers = 40watts RMS (continuos power)

I'm running the speakers off the head unit and I think Iím experiencing clipping when I get to about 20 on the volume (33 being the highest). The 'clipping' is only affecting the lower frequencies, hence the bass is distorting at 20. The frequency response of the speakers is in the above link, but Iím not sure if itís the head-unit or the speakers.

Would it be a good idea to run the speakers off an amp? Would this reduce the 'distortion' of the bass?

Also when play anything off the usb Iím getting a weird clicking sound...(playing a cd/mp3, tuner, this sound doesn't occur). Maybe its just the headunit??

Thank you, your advise would be greatly appreciated...(this problem has been eating away at me :crap:)


01-29-2008, 01:03 PM
Yes, run them off the amp. Don't put a lot of faith in what a HU will output power-wise.... by the time it actually makes max rated RMS (which will be significantly lower than the 53x4 max), the distortion will be through the roof.

Find yourself a nice 2x60-100w rms amp to run those comps with.

And be sure to read up on clipping, distortion, and gain setting if you haven't already.