View Full Version : Anyone know max dimensions of 98 camry box - Just WxH

01-27-2008, 11:39 PM
Hi guys can someone please help me? I need to know the max dimensions of a 98 camry trunk for a box, we didnt have a tape on hand when I met up with my friend who wants a box. It looks like 16high and 36 wide is this correct? I need 3.8 feet NET with 65 inches of port area for an SSI 15, so with my slot port along the back it should be about 36 x 16 x 16 gross volume. will this fit into the trunk opening? We are also removing the 6x9's for room/ouput and there not needed. Thank you anyone with specific camry experience

01-28-2008, 08:18 AM
I was able it fit 36 wide x 24 deep by 14 tall. but i could go higher with the box.

01-28-2008, 12:31 PM
Thank you, I hope 36w x 16h x 16-18deep will fit.

01-28-2008, 11:30 PM
Can anyone confirm that 16 high will work? thank you