View Full Version : Need AQ SD2.515 box plans

01-23-2008, 05:29 PM
I need some box plans for an AQ SD2.515. I tried drawing up some plans for it at school today during study hall, and was thinking these measurements:

Note: the only measurements that take into account the 3/4 mdf thing are the baffle ones. The 3/4 measurements I put on the side of the baffle near the port represent that it's gonna line up with the edges of the other mdf, so the port uses three walls of the box. if that makes sense. Idk.

Total cu feet - 5.25
Port area - 63 sq in.
Port tune thing? I'm not sure how to tune a box correctly, and I didn't really measure it out. I don't know what to tune to either. I mainly listen to rap but would like it to go low too... I was thinking around 38 hz? Or is that too high...
I'm open for suggestions

I think the depth should be less, but if I make it around 1.25 it's only a 3.75 cu foot box. If anyone has plans drawn up already, let me know.


The sub will hopefully get here by next week, so I'm gonna build the box this weekend.

EDIT: How would this work out? Found it in the box plans thread :o

I'm still not sure what cu footage I should go with. GRRR

01-24-2008, 10:03 PM
Hmmm. If I go the 4.325 or so cu foot route, will I need to brace the inside of the box? And I kinda wanna flare the whole port assembly... is all you have to do for that is just cut sections of mdf out and bend it, and it just stays that way? I mean I know you wood glue it and all but yeah.

And for an SUV, should I have both the port and the sub rear firing or can I mount the sub on the top and have the port fire to the rear? Thanks for anyone who answers. :>

01-26-2008, 02:50 AM
Probly just gonna be talking to myself but here goes. I went to the RE enclosure thing and built the box in this image.


How would that work with the AQ sub? It's just gonna be a daily driver, I just want it loud :cool:
Tell me what you think, I'm probly gonna go get the MDF tomorrow.