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04-14-2003, 01:00 AM
Ok, I'm in the market for tweeters... I've screwed up my old ones..

Adire dealer in Korea carries SEAS, Audax and apex ribbons...
I want one of these in my car.. I believe they'd give me the SQ that I long for...

Just checked and saw that the SEAS line of tweeters are 6ohms. It's gonna be a problem.

Audax TM025F1.. are they any good? Dang, these are 8ohms.

Can't afford the bug APEX ribbons.. I also cannot rely on myself to get good imaging form these.. ribbons are supposed to have a very low margin for erros, or so I was told. It also need some sort of enclosures that have to be very precise, and I'm not about to cut anymore wood at the moment. The smaller apex ribbons are cheap, but they are 8ohms as well. I would prefer brands from the US or Europe, not Japan as yet. (is A/D/S jap though?)

And this is what I have...

an amp that is underrated at [email protected], [email protected] it is currently linked to a passive for mid and tweeter. My mid is 4ohms. If I joined let's say, a 6ohm tweeter, would the ohm be very different?

Oh, and Dynaudio's MD140/2.. it's being sold second hand pretty cheap. A few shops have verified it's condition and it got an A+..no scratches, only a slightly dented grille..I can live with that. Think I should get it? It's still under auction, but I doubt a lot of epople would go for this..people here don't know what dynaudio is, unless they are professionals..

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04-15-2003, 06:39 AM

jlaine, you use seas tweeters at home, don't you?