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01-16-2008, 09:50 PM
Hey all, so after 6 days my box is finally finished, so i get home to measure it and the external wishth is supposed to be 23.25 inches according to JL specs, but mine is right at 20.25. The problem, is that I do not know if this is right or not, because the box that JL has on their website overhangs a little bit off of each side, the external depth is inlaid a little bit, but on my box nothing overhands everything is clean. Anyone know?

01-16-2008, 11:20 PM
No one knows, common, maybe I am not clear.

01-17-2008, 10:28 AM

01-17-2008, 12:59 PM
I will post soem pics this evening. But that shouldn't matter. my box builder built the entire box out of 1" MDF, and everything is correct except for the front baffle is 20.25 inches instead of 23.25 like JL says. He claims everything is fine inside and he will show me how, but i don't get it, and since he made it out of 1" the box inside is smaller right, becasue it was supposed to be made out of 3/4

01-17-2008, 01:22 PM
Yeah the builder sounds kinda shady. If the outer dimensions are smaller than what it should be and he used 1", its definately not right on the inside. It should be a little bit over 23.25. Have you checked the width and height? Maybe he made those a little bigger to compensate?

01-17-2008, 01:26 PM
Thanks for the reply, yea I measured everything else and they are exactly to specs, but really it is a bit smaller on the inside due to him using 1" MDF, but everythign is to specs, even though he told me he increased all of that. He is a good builder, but I do not know about this one, I am upset and for 220 dollars.

01-17-2008, 01:28 PM
**** dude, you got raped on the price, especially for a single 10". Ive built boxes for 6 12's for almost $100 less than that. PM if you get tired of that box. I'll make you a nice flared slot port for $100 + shipping.

01-17-2008, 04:19 PM
Ok thanks

01-17-2008, 11:51 PM
one last bump to see what people think.

01-19-2008, 05:46 AM
Some JL boxes are 1" MDF by the plans, I imagine it will still be fine though. Worst case scenario, it will just be tuned a little higher than planned, but if its sealed it should still be fine.