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01-14-2008, 10:44 PM
ok there is alot of tracks around me now i have been out of it for years now but i think i want to give it a try again!! so i see people all the time on here trying to trade there stuff off for audio! just so you know when i get into rc's i get into them! i will consider anykind from monster trucks to classics like midenight pumpkins and the grashoppers!!

but i would like to get a nice battery either buggy or stadium truck and i also want to get a buggy or stadium truck that is gas!

here is some stuff i got for trade.

old school rf amp 360a2 end caps and is in great condition for its age
rf amp 301m newer style good shape with end caps
clarion eq ill have to get the model number it is one you would mount up front with all the up and down adjustments

boston acoustic comp set basically with tweets x overs and 5.25 pair

2 jl audio 8w0's

about 25 feet of 4 gauge wire

inline fuse holder brand new

inline rf fuse holder shaped and has rf very nice

1/2 farad lighting audio cap

5.25 kicker coax speakers with set of tweets

got a set of x overs for component set forgot name brand but not junk by any means good name brand.

3 sets of 15 ft monster red twisted rca jacks! very nice all matching

1 set of tsunami 17ft black twisted rca jacks

1 set of blue monster twisted rca jacks 17ft maybe 20 forgot to look

bunch of off brand rca's short and long runners prolly got what ya need!!

1 4 gauge in and 8 gauge out non fused distro block

1 set of mb quart x overs

1 mtx 2 way x over works great not the best looking though

let me know what ya got?

01-15-2008, 09:09 AM
I am actually selling my Traxxas E-maxx
Its a few years old.
I has some aluminum stuff on it.
Metal driveshafts.
It needs batterys and I think some wheel bearings.
It also has a high torque steering servo.
Paddle tires on the rear, knobs on the front.
Looking to get 120 shipped for it.
If you want pics let me know.
Oh yeah its red.

01-15-2008, 09:13 AM
great deal on that emaxx