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01-11-2008, 08:34 PM
ok need a little help i didnt do my homework enough on it and my first plan would work!

i mdade 2 seperate ported boxes for my 2 12s

i have a air bag setup in my car so i have a 5 gallon air tank and a 3/4 horse comprssor in the trunk

was was going to put subs against back of seat but i cut myself short on air line when i did the install so my air compressor and tank are up against the back of the seat.

i am going to be doing this all custom i am going to screw the boxes down to my base witch is 3/4 mdf on the floor of the trunk then i plan on doing a nice amp rack and trim panel it all do hide all wires etc and air tank and compressor!

i have the center of the deck that is rightbehind the rear seat the 2 6x9's go in cut out so between the speakers on each side it has a good size square hole! actually i didnt do it it was done when i got the car for a port threw i guess.

i have each box i built ported just curious witch way should i face the subs and ports to probably get the best resualts? i was going to put one on each side of the trunk shooting to the middle of the trunk?? but i can also angle them facing the rear of the trunk or face them toward the front of the car just put them at the rear of the trunk witch will have the ports facings the same way as the subs!

well i know some of you have did this and tested ways to point the sub and port to get the best sound.

its in a 96 impala by the way! not the smallest trunk but not huge either but good size.

anyhelpd would be appreciated thanks!!

01-11-2008, 08:38 PM
post some pics

01-11-2008, 09:28 PM
pics of what? its a bear trunk right now with a single peice of 3/4 mdf on the bottom fo rmy base and my air tank and compressor?

lol nothing exciting trust me