View Full Version : 10" Image Dynamics IDQv3d4

01-09-2008, 07:45 PM
I ordered from woofersetc.com and there were no problems, triple boxed and a day early. I wish i would have ordered from the ID store, but i didnt even know it existed until someone on here showed me. Only because its from the factory for the same **** price.

I have my TMA 500.1 giving it about 500rms @ 2ohm. I am using 1ft^3 sealed. It is in my 1989 cutlass calais sedan. They are in the trunk all the way up to the seat facing the trunk. I made some new cd's to test it out with some of those double bass songs you guys suggested, some jeezy, and dave mathews so far. This thing is really amazing. It is very accurate with a quick response. Double-bass is a breeze even from some mudvayne and system of a down. Jeezy gets surpisingly loud, i will get it metered probably just for the heck of it. Lows are low it just doesnt push as much air as my 15" IDQ so that will take a little getting used to, but honestly that is ok for me. As for dave, who is the most i listen too, it just sounds so **** natural and live to me i love this thing.

The build quality is pretty outstanding. I would say it almost looks like a mini MAX with the same build quality. The terminals are woven into the spider, just very nice build quality. I believe if you blow them you can now get recones for these. It looks all detachable.

Great overall subwoofer, for me its the best of both worlds because i dont find any logic in having a super loud DD. I wouldnt mind competing with a different car, but not a daily driver. I prefer a more concert type music where it all blends together and this definitely accomplishes that. I have had loud DDs before, actually running 2 12" MTX 7500s on an MB Quart amp [email protected] i think it might have been 1000rms. Box was 2 cubes per driver tuned to 38hz. I switched to this single ten sealed with no problem at all.

I highly recommend these babies.