View Full Version : Blowthrough in a single cab S10 with 1 or 2 Type X 10s... looking for suggestions

01-09-2008, 04:44 AM
As the title states, I am looking for suggestions on my next install. Last year I did a blow through on another single cab S10 with 4 Alpine Type R 10s, in .8ft^3 per sub, and it sounded pretty decent... I have a single Type X 10 now that I pulled out of my F150 and am looking to do another blow through in another S10 I just picked up. Nothing insane, and the truck is gonna be mine for 4-5 years so I don't mind cutting through the bed. What I am curious about is enclosure design. Would it be better to go ported or sealed? It is going to be a "show through" I guess, where you will be able to see the sub, and the box will bolt up against the bed, similar to how I did my last one. My other idea was to do a sealed enclosure, but to downfire the sub and have that vent into the cab. I had the X in a sealed downfire box in the F150 and it sounded awesome. Just not sure how it will work with a blowthrough application. I could also go ported, but have always liked the clean sound and simple design of sealed enclosures, and I hear the Type X's work best in sealed. So just trying to pick a few brains as I have somewhat limited blowthrough experience, to see what others have tried and liked. Not going for 150+dB... just looking for a nice clean sound. And the X won't fit behind the seat due to mounting depth. Suggestions appreciated!


01-09-2008, 07:37 PM
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