View Full Version : Designing box for 2 ID12's. Need some answers.

01-08-2008, 04:59 PM
So I plan on eventually getting 2 ID12's, and I am going to build my own box. I know everyone asks if they should go sealed or ported, but my question is this. A perfectly sealed box has a resonant frequency of 0, which offers the flattest frequency curve right? And a Ported box tuned very high would be peaky, but also louder. Would a ported box tuned low (low 20's) be somewhere between Ported and Sealed? Loudish, but with a flatter curve?

Also, if I built a sealed box, would it be better to build one box with two separate chambers for each speaker, each one the size recommended by ID, or should i build one box with one chamber? If I built it with one chamber, do I just double the size recomended for one speaker, or what? The recomended size for a sealed box for one speaker is 1.25 cubic feet.