View Full Version : Panasonic cq-5310u

01-07-2008, 08:47 AM
Hey guys, sorry for a newb questions, but i don't dont know much about car audio. I have a panasonic-5310u cd deck with mp3/wma playback installed in a car. And i'm having a problem where the music on a cd will stop playing ocasionally in intervels of about every 20 iunutes. First the volume will turn almost all the way down, the a message will appear " see you" and I' have to restart the unit. Also at time buttons to swtich the tracks on a cd will somehow get confused with buttons to swtich the mode of listening ( e.g radio, aux, cd e.tc)
Now i dont have warratny for this deck, but my question is the unit malfunctioning because theres something wrong with unit itself or could be because it was installed properly? Also if the unit is damaged is it possible to get it fixed or not?
Thanks and ocne again sorry if thisis a dumb question/